Bicycle Map of Adelaide

Adelaide is one of the famous destionations for cycling, especially due to its good weather and friendly citizens. There are multiple spots from where people can rent bicycles, especially when willing to venture in the suburbs. The bikes are generally equipped for the city and feature mud protectors as well as baskets for storing the smaller luggage. If you are willing to venture into Adelaide and discover some of

What are the Best Sports for Hypothyroidism or Thyroid Nodules Patients?

Hypothyroidism or thyroid nodules patients often fell tired, and don’t want to do any excerise, it’s quite wrong. Skating is a great cardio exercise activity if you have hypothyroidism. Photo Credit history Pics. com/Photos. com/Getty Graphics. People with hypothyroidism typically have trouble with pounds attain. A great way in order to counter the issues of a slow metabolic rate would be to rev this up

Cycling at the Australian Botanic Garden

Cycling at the Australian Botanic Garden You can enjoy Aussie plants and wonderful views by bicycling off the beaten track at the Australian Botanic Garden, Mount Annan. There are feature gardens, lakes, picnic areas and toilet facilities scattered throughout the Garden. For the experienced road cyclist, the Garden can be reached by bicycle, if you travel by train to Campbelltown Station. Free entry to the Garden h

Having a World-class, Must-do Mountain Biking in The Great Ocean Road

“Within three minutes of my front door, I can be riding awesome world-class single-track, ” said Norm Douglas, a mad-keen MTB-er, lured with his wife Jess to make a move to Forrest in 2007. “Amazing mountain bike tracks surround Forrest, making it a hub at the centre of the activity. That’s unique in Australia. Maybe on, ten places in the world are like it. You can check in, park your car an

History of bicycles

A bicycle is a Human-powered machine having two wheels attached to a frame one in front of the other. A cyclist is a bicycle rider. These bicycles were introduced in the 19th century in Europe therefore more than billion bicycles are produced which is twice more than the number of automobiles. Its basic configuration has changed since the first driven model was developed in 1885. A bicycle is majorly known as a mea

Pros of Traveling by Bicycle, Go Travelling with Your Favorite Bike

Cycling is always fun and is also an economical and healthy way of traveling. It is always good for anyone to travel with this bicycle and feel fun and also get so many advantages in using that. It is always good for you to choose to travel with this bicycle. There are so many pros for you to use that and have fun while you are using that. There are quite a lot of things that one can do by choosing bicycle for trav

Prevent Bicycle Sports Injuries

Introduction Since way back in the 1800s when bicycles were bicycle to be the first in use, cycling has proved to become famous for commuting, exercise, recreation, and sport. However, Cycling has always been a cheap and convenient means of transport with reported very low environmental impact, and besides it is an enjoyable physical activity for both genders and all ages. Cycling can also improve the physical and

Bicycle Sports – A Guide To Sports Bikes

Having general knowledge of sports bicycles is very important for bicycle sports enthusiasts. Sports bicycles are known for intense motors, responsive handling, and an arms-forward stance. They are intended for pure performance, both on the racing track and in the city. Sports bicycles are bikes which are upgraded for speed, acceleration, braking, and additionally cornering on paved streets. Rider ergonomics favor

Tips on How to Choose the Right Bicycle Size

Wondering how to choose the right bicycle size? scroll down to know what you want. Getting a new bike is often considered a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. Basically, getting the wrong- size bike can end up making your riding experience turnout to be hectic. Getting the right bike frame for your height is normally the most asked quiz when you’re trying to find out the right bicycle size to fit your frame. N

Find out how to choose a bicycle helmet for your safety

The most important concern for every cyclist is his/her safety and for this a bicycle helmet plays a very crucial role. But you will need to find how to choose a bicycle helmet so that you can have the most important item for your safety. There are a large variety of lightweight and stylish designs helmets that are available in the market but you will need to select the right helmet for yourself. You also need to t